Although its impact was first felt in the marketing department, the social web is spreading across all business functions, influencing the way employees communicate, operate, organize, and create value. Larry’s fourth book, EVERYWHERE: Comprehensive Digital Business Strategy for the Social Media Era, explores this evolutionary development and provides a comprehensive guide for forward thinking executives looking to leverage the power of the social web across their entireorganization.

Everywhere examines the factors and practices that enable businesses to gain competitive advantage and thrive in this new media era, as evidenced by academic research; interviews with social media savvy executives; and case studies from leading global digital organizations like Starbucks, Sony, Dell, SAP, IBM, P&G, ARM and companies “born on the web” such as Threadless and Naked Pizza.

EVERYWHERE was published by John Wiley & Sons in March 2011.

Quotes from the Book Cover

“Larry Weber clearly grasps the impact of ubiquitous social technology on companies—the unprecedented opportunities as well as the challenges. Companies that understand this new reality, and are building a comprehensive digital strategy to benefit from it, are already differentiating themselves from their peers. Take advantage of his foresight to make sure that your company is capitalizing on this new source of competitive advantage.”– Dr. James Cash, Emeritus James E. Robison Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
“Everywhere is a leader's guide to creating—and getting—value from social media. Larry Weber understands the media and message of connectedness.”– Elliot Schrage, Vice President of Global Communications, Marketing and Public Policy, Facebook
“Ongoing dialogue with customers, employees and other stakeholders will soon be the way every successful company does business.  We’ll come in to work and turn on the lights, turn on the heat and turn on the voice of our customers.  In Everywhere, Larry Weber has written another visionary book, making a compelling case for the type of Collaborative Company that will have true competitive advantage in the future.”– Diane Hessan, President & CEO, Communispace
"Once again, Larry Weber takes the highly complex and dynamic digital world and gives a useful and practical guide for making it become an important part of your business....as it should be.  As we all encounter the many impacts that digital media, social networking and digital communities are having on our businesses, make sure you access his keen thinking."– Mark Nunnelly, Managing Director, Bain Capital
"Weber really gets that social media is a lot more than a set of tools that people use to chat with their friends and family.  Those conversations are valuable sources of market intelligence, inputs into product and service development, sources of employee recruitment – and ultimately, lead to competitive advantage.  At TripAdvisor, we live and breathe this stuff, as social media has been the foundation of the company. Everywhere is a must read for business leaders seeking to tap into the greatest communications opportunity since the telephone."– Stephen Kaufer, Founder, President and CEO of TripAdvisor